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Selling a business can be one of the most stressful events a business owner will ever encounter. The business sale process is complicated and disruptive. The process can be challenging because there are many unknowns: What is my business worth? Who should I contact? How should I contact them? How much information should I provide? How do I keep things confidential? How will my employees and customers react? How can I prevent my competition from finding out? Cafa has the answers to these and many other sale-related questions.

A well-executed and integrated acquisition can help your company make a giant leap forward from where it is today. Based on your criteria, we use proprietary databases to identify ideal acquisition candidates. Once the perfect target is found we will help you structure the best possible offer and work towards closing a successful transaction. Cafa can also help you acquire the business you currently work for. We have conducted a number of very successful Management Buyouts (MBOs).

A successful financial structure establishes a proper balance between debt and equity ensuring optimal shareholder returns without endangering the company with too much debt.

Cafa provides practical, down-to-earth advice in several financial and corporate aspects to business owners, shareholders as well as company boards.

Our latest transactions

Sellside Advisor
has acquired the Huntsville sawmill from
Rayonier Advanced Materials

Cafa assisted Rayonier Advanced Materials (NYSE: RYAM) in the sale of its Huntsville (ON) hardwood sawmill assets to Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.

Sellside Advisor
Bluebird self storage
has acquired
Acces mini storage

Cafa advised the shareholders of Access Mini-Storage Inc., a selfstorage company based in Montreal, in the sale to Bluebird Storage Group Inc., an Ontario-based industry consolidator.

Financing Advisor
Nordic Kraft LP
has obtained project financing from
syndication nk

Cafa assisted Chantiers Chibougamau with their project to relaunch the shuttered Lebel-sur-Quévillon kraft pulp mill.

Sellside Advisor
has acquired
Grimard optique

Cafa advised the shareholder of Grimard Optique, a Canada-wide chain of 22 eyewear stores, in the sale of the company to Calgary-based consolidator FYI Doctors.

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Selling a company
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Selling a company
Benefits of a Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

Mandating a vendor due diligence prior to launching a sale process can show the company with its best foot forward and initiate the sale process with foresight into the concerns that may be raised by the buyer.

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Selling a company
Representations and Warranties Insurance in M&A Transactions

In an M&A transaction, the vendor must typically indemnify the buyer (subject to certain limits and exclusions) for any violations of the representations and warranties made in the sale transaction. The representations typically …

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Selling a company
Minimum Working Capital Threshold in M&A Transactions

When a business is bought or sold it is understood that the assets and certain liabilities shall include a minimum amount working capital at closing (the “Minimum Working Capital”, the “Working Capital Threshold” or the “Working …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some detailed answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

No, Cafa does not lend or invest money.

As an independent investment banker, Cafa acts solely as an intermediary to facilitate your company obtaining the best-suited financing it requires without any conflicts of interest. We typically arrange funding from $5 million upwards. You can contact us to assess your needs, whether for project financing, debt financing or equity financing. Here are some of our newsletters related to financing:

Depending on your industry and the size of your business, there are many go-to-market strategies to prepare your business for sale and maximize your value. The first step would be to reach out to an investment banker, who will be able to provide an initial valuation range and go-to-market strategy for your business. Look at our “The Investment Banker …the benefits of using one…” and “The Process of Selling Your Business” newsletters to prepare prior to your first meeting. Then, contact us here.

We’ve successfully executed many Management Buyouts (“MBOs”). Oftentimes at the onset, neither the company owners nor the employees actually believe the transaction is possible. Although each situation has its own challenges, an experienced advisor can help you realize your goal. See our Newsletters on the “Key Elements for a Successful Management Buyout” and their takeaways. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the feasibility of your MBO project. And if you’re a company owner interested in selling to your employees, we can help you orchestrate that too.

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