Christian Tylko


Montreal, Canada

Téléphone+1 514-989-5508 #22

Christian Tylko

With over 40 years of international business operations and consulting, Christian is a recognized source of operational and technical know-how for his clients and professional colleagues.

Christian takes the lead in helping clients objectively analyze their projects, identify solutions and obtain results in the context of obtaining financing for companies and their projects as well as for M&A transactions.

In addition to both buy and sell-side mandates, Christian has led a wide variety of financing projects for Cafa’s clients. He is proficient at understanding how a company works, its manufacturing processes and products, its business methods, its risk environment and is effective at communicating this to prospective buyers, investors and lenders.

Christian is very much sought after for his experience in the project financing process. His skills include the conception of detailed financial models, strategic reviews, due diligence and post-merger integration.

Prior to joining Cafa in 2000, Christian spent 20 years working for Kruger Inc., a major international forest products company where he worked on projects in Europe, Latin America and North America.

He is a McGill graduate in Political Science and Economics and has a Commerce degree from Concordia University. Christian speaks four languages.

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