Jacques Gagnier


Montreal, Canada

Téléphone+1 514-989-5508 #29

Jacques Gagnier

Jacques has over 35 years of experience in orchestrating and negotiating business transactions for clients. Jacques' solid investment banking background coupled with a hands-on approach makes him an invaluable negotiator in any type of business transaction.

A consummate financial strategist he is also an excellent judge of interpersonal relationships and emotions as they relate to successful business transactions.

Jacques has a keen, down-to-earth business sense and be counted upon for an independent opinion.

Since founding Cafa in 1986, Jacques has advised a wide variety of clients from successful entrepreneurs to major public corporations.

Other than having led virtually all types of financing structures, Jacques has handled a diversity of mandates including management buyout, acquisitions, divestiture, real estate transactions, business restructurings and investments by private equity funds.

He has been involved in several cross-border transactions with complex tax structures.

Jacques holds a joint MBA from McGill University and the London Business School.

He sits (or has sat) on the boards of several Canadian and international private and public companies as an independent director or chairman.

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